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Our Expertise

We are everything from an agent, to an advisor, to an assistant, to a friend.

Solid PR and media awareness are the bedrock of an athlete’s position within the commercial market. We seek to maximise media penetration of campaigns, events, competition success and professional development in order to stay commercially relevant.

As one of the most significant obstacles to an athlete’s ability to continue competing, securing sponsorship is crucial. We look to engage with the market based on the needs of each client, ensuring that timing and methodology are key in the proactive & reactive approach that we take. 

In the modern world, social media is the bread and butter of an athlete’s commercial profile. Ensuring that social media content is up to standard is pivotal as brands relate an athlete’s online profile to the reach & depth of potential commercial work. Strategizing and often coaching social media with clients provides a sound understanding for the necessity of a strong online presence.

PR & Media
Social Media

Events and appearances either individually or as elements of commercial agreements can take a great deal of planning and organisation. We take away all admin and stress from the athlete, ensuring that all measures are taken care. Whether it is the creation of a schedule or a simple reminder, we take 100% of the organisational burden.

Underpinning the online presence of a client is the unique athlete that each profile expresses. Developing an identity and a brand, as an athlete is conducive to maximising returns throughout a career span. We work on a bespoke basis to drive the natural personality and charisma of the athlete into relatable content.

Brand Management
Appearance & Diary Management